Watching the Blue Angels perform from the water

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Blue Angels will perform on Saturday and Sunday in Charleston Harbor, and plenty of people will be watching on boats.

"The noise is great. It's a great sensation and you feel like a kid again every time you see them perform," said Bob Neal. So Neal made sure they docked their boat right in Charleston Harbor.

"You've got to have a great show if you're right underneath," said Neal. The Neals are visiting Charleston from Biloxi, Miss., and when they heard about the show they moved up their trip.

"We actually pulled in a day early to watch them practice," said Neal.

The Neals will not be alone. Hundreds of boats are expected to come out and anchor in Charleston Harbor, but all boats must stay away from the restricted zone in the center of the Harbor.

"Anytime they fly over the water they require a sterile environment just in case there is an accident," said Lt. David Sandberg of the US Coast Guard.

And if a boat violates that zone?

"If a vessel encroaches the zone, the show will stop and the Blue Angels will not fly," said Sandberg.

There are orange buoys marking the perimeter and at least 30 boats on patrol.

"Along with Mt. Pleasant, Charleston police, Coast Guard, and DNR are keeping the perimeter safe," said Jack Connelly of the Coast Guard auxiliary.

There are three zones that are safe to moor your boat.

"An area west of Castle Pinckney island, an area to the southeast, and south of the Ravenel bridge," said Sandberg.

So just follow the rules and enjoy the action. "I just love to watch them fly," said Neal.

All boat safety rules still do apply so make sure you have a life jacket for everyone on board and if you're behind the wheel of the boat- no drinking.

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