10-year-old golfer claims two holes-in-one

Ryan Marter
Ryan Marter

COLUMBIA (WIS) - A Midlands golfer has a game that would put many to shame.  He recently had two holes-in-one less than a month apart.  Oh, and he's only ten years old!

Ryan Marter and his father Wayne spend a lot of time together working on their golf games. Wayne introduced Ryan to the sport a year and a half ago, "He just had these natural soft hands around the green that very few people have." Wayne says.

Ryan is also pretty good off the tee.  He was playing with his brother February 7th when he made his first hole in one.  It was a moment the youngster won't soon forget. "I was thinking that was going to be pretty close to the hole.  I wasn't thinking it was going in.  I was going crazy and just running around."

Ryan and his brother called their dad to tell him the amazing news.  Wayne thought, "I had to believe him because it was his brother. His brother wouldn't make up something like that because he wouldn't want to give him credit unless it was true."

Three weeks later on March 1st, Wayne hit the links with Ryan.  They started their round on a par three.  Wayne says, "He walked up out of the car, hadn't swung a club, hadn't warmed up, hadn't putted, went up to the tee box, and swung the club..."

Ryan hit a pitching wedge from about a hundred yards out. "It was going right at the hole," Wayne remembers.  "I was just shaking my head in disbelief."

"The people up on the 3rd tee box were yelling, 'it's in, it's in!'" Ryan says, "I was like jumping up and down, running around, screaming..."

"He's in a special club," Wayne says, "there are very few people who have that hole in one, not to mention two of them."

By the way, Wayne doesn't have the luck that his son does.  He has been golfing for more than 20 years and has never hit a hole-in-one.

According to Golflink.com, the odds of hitting a hole-in-one for an average handicap player are 12,000 to one.

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