Michael Jackson: What was the deal with the cream?

LOS ANGELES (AP) - The search of Michael Jackson's home after his death helps clear up a somewhat cryptic comment Dr. Conrad Murray is said to have made after the pop star was pronounced dead.

An aide to Jackson says Murray wanted to return to Jackson's rented home to get some tubes of cream - to keep, as the aide quoted Murray as saying, the world from finding out something about the singer. Search warrants reveal detectives found nearly 40 tubes of a medication that is commonly used to treat the skin condition vitiligo (vih-tih-LY'-go). The disease causes the skin to lose its pigment - and Jackson had claimed that's why his skin looked lighter in his later years than it did when he was young.

The skin cream that was found is neither listed as a factor in Jackson's death, nor did it turn up in a toxicology report.