Michael Jackson: Warrants Point to Meds at Singer's House

LOS ANGELES (AP) - So, just what turned up when authorities searched Michael Jackson's home after his death? We are getting an idea, based on search warrants issued in the pop star's death. The warrants say detectives found large amounts of general anesthetic at Jackson's rented mansion in Los Angeles. Authorities went to Jackson's home on June 29 - four days after Jackson died. The search came after investigators spent a long time interviewing Dr. Conrad Murray, who had been treating Jackson. Detectives found 11 containers of propofol - some of them empty. Authorities also found a range of sedatives and various medical items, including a box of blood pressure cuffs. Jackson's death has been ruled a homicide caused by an overdose of propofol and other sedatives. Murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter.

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