Joint statement from DJJ, BJP

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The following is a joint statement from Bill Byars, Director of the Department of Juvenile Justice, and Mac Montgomery, Director of the Board of Juvenile Parole:

In response to a news report from WIS-TV in regards to the recent discovery of confidential juvenile records, based upon our initial inquiry into the possible mishandling of these records, it appears that they were Juvenile Parole Board records. I, Bill Byars, director of the Department of Juvenile Justice, along with Mac Montgomery, director of the Board of Juvenile Parole, have asked Dennis Burdette, DJJ's inspector general, to look into this matter. The Inspector General's investigation is ongoing and we anticipate that this investigation will be concluded within the next 48 hours. Upon its conclusion, the results of this investigation will be made available and further comment made at that time.