Lake Murray residents want problematic potholes patched

By Jillian Capobianco - bio | email

LEXINGTON, SC (WIS) - The WIS Pothole Patrol is taking a look at a Lexington County road where residents are hoping to get several potholes patched up.

Johnette Jones and her dog Nellie can't imagine living anywhere but on Lake Murray.

"We love the area, we love the lake, we love living here in Lexington," she said.

She says she moved out there more than 20 years ago for the laid-back lifestyle. But the drive getting in and out of the lake community has her feeling uptight.

"If you go in and out of here regularly, you kind of know how to drive around them," she said.

Jones is talking about potholes. Lots of them. There are several on her cul-de-sac and many more on the main road, Steeple Chase.

"Definitely would like to see them patched up and taken care of," said Jones.

She's not alone. DOT has received many phone calls about potholes over the past few weeks.

Part of the problem is all the recent snow, rain and freezing temperatures. Moisture can build up underneath the road, then ice can form, causing cracks which leaves potholes behind.

So what would Jones' drive be like if the potholes disappeared?

"Oh my gosh, wonderful, much smoother of course," she said.

Do you have a problematic pothole you want patched? Use the form below to tell us about it, and the WIS Pothole Patrol may feature you.

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