I’m afraid of the pain!

This another barrier to which we say, "What pain?" There is no pain. When you are being proactive about taking care of your body so you can live longer and healthier, you should feel good about undergoing a colonoscopy. With modern pharmacology, not only do people not feel anything, but over 90 percent of patients don't even remember the test. The medicine you receive has a little amnesia effect. It's the best nap, and the most life saving, you'll ever have. When we are ready to begin, you are lying comfortably on the bed in the procedure room. We ask you to count backwards from 100. Most people make it to about 97 before they go to sleep. A few minutes later, we gently wake you up and it's all over. You may have a little gas from the air we blow into your colon so we can see in there better, but you won't remember much, if anything.

What most people associate with a colonoscopy is the preparation at home.  It makes common sense that is someone is going to put a camera in your colon to look around, that area needs to be empty. It also makes common sense that, if you are going to have a procedure of this type, you need to switch your meals a day or so before, to simple liquids, so you don't have a lot of heavy food which must be moved through your colon on procedure day. If you eat a huge meal of steak and potatoes and other hard to digest things, you are going to have a much more involved preparation. We give you a prescription for a fizzy liquid to drink — it tastes like a lemon lime soft drink, and is a fast acting laxative to cleanse your system. Most people go out and have a nice big breakfast on the way home from our office.