Perspective: WIS Editorial on clean campaigning

What a breath of fresh air! As the 2010 political season heats up, a coalition of local business, civic, and community organizations has teamed up to try to make sure candidates keep their cool in the Columbia city election campaigns. Six groups, led by the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce, have asked candidates for mayor and city council to sign a Fair Campaign Practices Pledge. Several have already told WIS News that they will sign it.  

The idea behind the pledge is to keep the campaigns clean, positive, and issue-oriented. This kind of campaign may not generate a lot of emotion, but  the possibility that city voters could elect candidates based on qualifications and positions on key issues is refreshing.  

There's a lot at stake in the April 6th elections.  With the departure of Bob Coble, Columbia has an open seat for Mayor, and the races for an at-large council seat and the district 4 council seat are contested.

We urge all candidates to sign the Fair Campaign Practices Pledge then stick to it! Our city and its future just might be the better for it.

That's my perspective. What's yours?