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Irmo police officer uses Taser on 25-pound dog

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IRMO, SC (WIS) - Are Tasers a humane approach to restrain dogs? That's the question in Irmo after special needs children witnessed a police officer using a Taser to shock a 25-pound dog. Some animal activists call the cop's actions unnecessary.

At just 25 pounds, the dog now named "Taser" doesn't look that intimidating.

"She's just a gentle little dog who's greatly traumatized," said Jane Brundage of Pets, Inc.

Brundage can't figure out why an Irmo police officer tased the dog twice on Thursday.

"We don't know the whole story on this, but we were surprised to see this happen," Brundage said.
Irmo police say Animal Control was responding to a complaint that two dogs were chasing people on Milway Road.
A report says the Animal Control worker hit one with a tranquilizer dart, but he didn't have a dart for the other dog, so he called Irmo police to help round it up.  

"I think he made a good decision," said Irmo police chief Brian Buck says the two men corralled the dog into a backyard.

"The dog came after him in an aggressive manner, was going to bite him, and so he elected to use the least amount of force he had to stop that attack from happening," said Buck.
The report says the dog tried attacking a second time, and again got tased. This time it broke the leads and ran away. It showed up later a few blocks away.

"These were still in  her, and it came with like 15 feet of this coil," said Brundage.
Pets Inc. says a vet had to surgically remove the Taser leads.

"It would seem to us to be prudent to use a catch pole on a dog like that as opposed to firing a Taser into her," Brundage said.
Buck says they used the Taser only after the catch pole failed.

"We think the officer did the best he could under the circumstances to protect both the community first and then the animal second," said Buck.

Chief Buck says there was added urgency because kids were getting off a school bus nearby.
The owner of the dogs has been cited for animals running at large. The dog, meanwhile, doesn't appear to have any permanent physical injuries.

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