Victor Hampton's statement to the media on arrest

Dear Media Outlets:

Since coming to Darlington High School, I have avoided the negatives influences that caused me to leave Butler and Independence High Schools prior to this year.  Unfortunately, this morning I allowed poor judgment to cause me to bring alcohol on school grounds and was arrested based on that poor judgment.  I deeply regret putting myself in this situation and the ultimate responsibility is mine's and mine's alone. 

As a student-athlete, I realize that many young people look up to me and let me say without a doubt that underage drinking is wrong!!  I know that I have let so many people down who believed in me from my family to friends to Darlington High School to USC.  I have come such a long way since coming here and unfortunately, for a brief moment, I allowed myself to do something like this.  I am so sorry that I allowed this to happen but I have faith that I can overcome this and be a better person because of it.  I am human and make mistakes but I now know that as I become an adult that such behavior will not and cannot be tolerated.  I realize that I cannot never allow anything like this to happen again.

Let me close by saying again how sorry I am for my actions and once this situation is taken care of in the court, I am prepare to move forward and be the positive role model that I should be.  I am asking for your prayers during this difficult time and know that everyday I am trying to be a better person in spite of this setback.  May God bless all of you and please do not give up on me yet.

Victor Hampton