Benedict's statement on fire inspections

Benedict College recognizes the impact and importance of Life Safety for our students, faculty and staff.  As noted during the Columbia Fire Department's Press Conference, none of the violations put students in danger.

The College continues to work in conjunction with the Columbia Fire Department to correct violations throughout the campus. As stated in the report by Fire Chief Bradley Anderson, we (Benedict College) "have made substantial headway in addressing these deficiencies."

  • It should be noted that violations relating to annual tests/certifications required (and listed as High Priority) have been corrected. Due to timing, the corrections were not included in Chief Anderson's report today. Largely because, Fire Marshall Kent Scott performed his inspections at the same time as our annual sprinkler inspections were being completed. These inspections were not due for renewal until January therefore; he was not able to receive the updated reports immediately. These reports are complete and have been forwarded to the Columbia Fire Department.