SLED, other agencies investigating Fairfield Co. School District

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - State Law Enforcement Division Chief Reggie Lloyd says his agency and others are now investigating operations at the Fairfield County School District.

The district has been called out over the past few months for high spending, below average achievement and was put on probation by a school accreditation agency.

Lloyd says SLED is making inquiries on a number of issues at the district, but was not specific in what type of allegations.

"I can say we received information there were improprieties in the way certain things were conducted operation-wise, business-wise within the school district," said Lloyd.

He will not say if the school board is being questioned or if its administration, but he did say he has questioned personnel and other folks who live in the area.

"At this point we've had enough allegations brought to us that we believe based on evidence and individuals we talked to, it warranted us to look more forward," said Lloyd.

School Board Chair Annie McDaniel says she did not know about the SLED investigation. She says they can check every inch, every centimeter of what she is doing is for the kids.

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