Email from superintendent to employees details some budget cuts

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The following is an email sent from Superintendent Frank Morgan to employees regarding the Kershaw County school district budget cuts:

January 12, 2010

Dear colleagues:

As you know, the Kershaw County School Board met today to deal with the latest state budget cut.  Although the school board is faced with making difficult decisions, I am pleased that their actions today did not cut any classroom teachers or directly impact class sizes.  Today's board actions cut close to $1.4 million, and the school board plans to meet again Thursday at 5:15 p.m. in the District Office boardroom to consider another $300,000 in reductions.

Here is a summary of today's reductions that will be effective February 1:

  • Printing/supplies/library books/miscellaneous items                               $390,000
  • General Fund travel                                                                                 $54,000
  • Working retirees' salaries to step 0 on salary scale                                $127,000
  • MAP testing suspended for remainder of year                                         $100,000
  • Athletic subsidies (security, transportation, officials—no programs cut)  $170,000
  • Local National Board Certification to $1700                                             $323,000
  • Shift retiree insurance to SC Retirement System                                     $50,000
  • Reduce substitute budget                                                                       $25,000
  • Leave 4.5 positions vacant                                                                     $94,800
  • Six non-mandated instructional assistant positions                                $93,000

*Although the substitute budget has been reduced, curriculum coaches will now substitute in classrooms for five out of every 10 days to add 600 days to the substitute budget. 
We have been asked by a local media outlet to provide more specific information about the personnel affected today, however; I emphasized to the reporter that our commitment was first and foremost to the employees affected.  I stand by that commitment, even if any media stories may make it seem as if information has been withheld.  (This information is being provided to the media as well.) I plan on talking to principals in the morning, and employees affected by today's actions will be notified tomorrow.

As always, thank you for your continued professionalism in these difficult times.


Frank E. Morgan
Frank E. Morgan, Ed.D.