Not much done on first day of legislative session

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The 2010 legislative session got underway Tuesday at the State House. On the first day of the session, there's not a whole a lot that gets done. There are different feelings about what that should mean to the taxpayer.
For House Speaker Pro Tempore Harry Cato, it's a day to get into the swing of things.

"We don't get a lot of stuff done, but it's exciting to be back and get to see everybody and get your feet back on the ground," said Cato.
Rep. Todd Rutherford would liked to have to have seen the House hit the floor more aggressively.

"You kind of get the feeling like we lied to the taxpayers when we told them we were going to get on to more important things and we didn't have time to impeach the governor," said Rutherford. "I keep waiting on those more important things."
Rutherford is talking about a special session in October when a bill to impeach Governor Mark Sanford was tabled, since at the time, the leadership thought the process would be too time consuming and expensive to discuss.

House lawmakers expect the resolution to go through quickly on Wednesday, and vowed not to spend any more time on it this week.
In the Senate, Speaker Pro Tempore Glenn McConnell says the public is tired of the issue, so he won't allow it to bog down debate on that floor either.

"If we can get it up and out, fine," said McConnell. "If we can't I don't think the public wants us to fool with that and let issues like balancing the budget or cigarette tax or whatever else languish."
The resolution is set for special order and will be read before the full House when it reconvenes Wednesday.

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