Read the letter to the Lexington County Republican Party

January 5, 2010

Rich Bolen, Chairman

Lexington County Republican Party

PO Box 1346

Lexington, SC 29071

Dear Rich,

We are incredibly disappointed about the events of last night's Executive Committee meeting, and we are very discouraged about what a handful of members of the committee were allowed to do in the name of the Lexington County Republican Party.  We believe the actions of a disgruntled few will tarnish the years of hard work invested by thousands of Republicans who have worked for years to build our Party.

Senator Lindsey Graham is a conservative problem-solver who is helping us build the Republican Party in Lexington County and South Carolina.  With a 90% lifetime conservative rating, he fits the mold of his predecessor Strom Thurmond, who we all knew.  We don't agree with the Senator on every issue, but we don't agree with any elected official on every vote.  Overall, we believe Senator Graham to be a conservative stalwart and accomplished leader in our Party.  He certainly did not deserve to be ambushed like he was last night.

We think it is unfair that the censure resolution was allowed to move forward last evening.  On the e-mail notice that went out before the meeting, there was no mention that any resolutions would be considered, much less a resolution to censure our senior United States Senator.  When the time came for a decision about whether a quorum existed or whether the motion should be postponed until February, the demands of a vocal minority won.  For something as serious as a censure resolution, the process should have been above reproach – especially as to whether a quorum even existed or if the people voting were even on the executive committee (a list which no one had at the meeting).  The resolution should have been added to the agenda and sent out in advance, and every member of the committee should have been given a chance to participate in the process.

As it now stands, 13 people have now spoken for our county's 70 organized precincts and the 23,000 Republicans who voted in our 2008 primary.  This is completely unfair and very disappointing.

We stand ready to fight Democrats, register more conservative voters, and get more Republicans to the polls, but we will not be part of circular firing squads that tear down our beloved Party.


Scott Malyerck, Katrina Shealy, Butch Wallace, and Lyman Whitehead

Former Chairmen of the Lexington County Republican Party