Ten Years on 10: SC's economy

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - For much of the decade, South Carolina's economy was booming. But when numbers began to plunge nationwide, the Palmetto state was hit hard as well.

In the early part of the decade, the Palmetto state was setting records with jobs economically, and it looked like future was bright.

"That is how we did remarkably well in 1999, and that is how we will do more beyond that," said then governor Jim Hodges.

Throughout the last two years of this decade, jobs have just been hard to come by in this state.

Through much of 2008 and 2009, every time unemployment figures were released, the news seemed to get worse.

In fact, many state agencies and school districts had to rely on federal stimulus dollars just to make budget this year.

"In Richland One and the surrounding districts, we're all fighting for our lives right now," said Percy Mack, superintendent of Richland One.

But announcements like Boeing's new aircraft facility, which plans to add about 4,000 jobs in South Carolina, along with the possibility of thousands more in support industries once operations get going, things may begin looking brighter for the Palmetto state in the years ahead.

"This airplane may be a game changer for Boeing, but Boeing is a game changer for South Carolina," said Rep. Jim Clyburn.

Boeing recently held its first test flight for the 787 Dreamliner; that plane will soon be an export of the Palmetto state.

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