Ten Years on 10: Strom Thurmond's death

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - This story has its roots mainly in the 20th century, but it ended this decade. That's when a political giant was laid to rest.

For more than a half century, at the time longer than anyone else in history, Strom Thurmond was a large figure in South Carolina politics.

When he passed away in June of 2003, the state and nation paused to mourn ol' Strom.

Thurmond served as the state's governor for four years and ran for president in 1948. But he is best remembered for serving in the US Senate for more than half a century. When his final term ended in 2003, no one had served in the Senate longer than Thurmond.

Thousands gathered to bid farewell to Thurmond as he made his way from Columbia to Edgefield one last time.

Thurmond remains the only person to be more than 100 years old to have served in Congress.

His record for length of service was broken by West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd just this year.

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