Excerpts from "The Making of Dr. Truelove" [WARNING: Explicit content]

From Chapter 1, Page 1

"I'm trying to imagine anything that might calm me down so I won't do it again. I got away with the first nut. I came already and all we're doing is kissing, as usual. Dry humping, as usual. Only this time, we're as naked as we've ever been. We finally decided that today would be the day to lose our virginity."

From Chapter 1, Page 7

"'Be gentle with me...please.' As soon as she says please, she digs her hand into my shorts and grabs a handful of NASA rocket (okay, bottle rocket), then GOOOOSH!"

From Chapter 12, Page 92

"...he used his tongue to erase every trail of chocolate that streamed down my neck. He sucked and devoured every single trace of caramel from my cheeks and lips. I just stood there, in shock, letting him use me like a living, breathing confection. He smeared more chocolate on my lips and kissed me like no one has ever done before."