Sears manager explains door-to-door representatives

CAMDEN, SC (WIS) - After hearing about Sunday's story out of Camden about a pair of men claiming to be Sears salesmen, a representative from Sears Home Improvement Division contacted us to tell us they do in fact have representatives in the area.

Glenn Stalions, who is a general manager for the regional Sears Home Improvement Division based in Cayce, says they use a company called Smart Circle International for marketing.  They go door-to-door representing Sears and their home renovations products.

Stalions says they were in the Camden area recently. He says they are required to have their identification visible, but they do not where any sort of Sears uniforms or clothing.

For our story, we spoke with a local Sears manager who said that no one from Sears would come to your home, but Stalions says that since the Sears Home Improvement division is a completely different division from the retail side, local managers would often not know about it.

The door-to-door representatives are not allowed to go into anyone's homes.  They should have identification around their necks and they are basically telling people what Sears Home Improvements can offer.  If an estimate is done, the then goes onto the Sears for the work.

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