Buy It & Try It: Stain resistant plastic

(Columbia) Feb. 26, 2003 - On TV they show a kitchen full of cooks kicking up their heels and swishing their dish towels in the air. What are they so excited about? "A food container that resist tomato stains."

Supposedly food can be stored and reheated in the microwave without the worry of staining and the containers will clean up just like new.

Judi bought two big stain offenders for the buy it and try it test: barbecue sauce and spaghetti sauce. She put barbecue sauce in a regular container for comparison and poured some into a container with stain shield. The same thing with the Ragu, pour some in a regular plastic container and dump the rest into the stain shield.

Then close 'em up, seal the lids tight and store them in the fridge. Will they have that annoying red stain or come out squeaky clean?

The containers were in the fridge for one week. The containers with the stain resistance were crystal clear while the regular containers showed signs of staining. Overall the stain resistant plastic is given a thumbs up from the troubleshooter.

Another note, the stain resistant containers have a space saving stacking design, top-rack dishwasher safe and they come with a lifetime warranty.

By Judi Gatson
Posted 6:59pm by BrettWitt