Perspective: WIS Editorial on the health care debate

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Congressman Joe Wilson and some other members of Congress have  proposed an amendment to a health care reform bill in the House.  The amendment would require all senators and house members to enroll in the bill's public insurance option.

When he announced the proposed amendment, Congressman Wilson also said he won't vote for the bill, even if his own amendment passes.  This kind of political posturing is just what's wrong with the lawmaking process on Capitol Hill.  Senators and congressmen waste each others' time and drag out the process of making laws just to score debating points.

I don't know if the public option is the best route, but it would be an option!  Why require members of Congress to sign up unless you're just trying to kill the bill?  And in that case, why not argue the bill on its merits?

My message to Congressman Wilson and others in Washington:  listen to the voters.  Americans want more access to health insurance and lower costs, and woe to the lawmakers who try to bog down the process with delays, distractions, and destructive amendments.

That's my perspective.  what's yours?