Charleston man running marathon to raise money for wounded Marines

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A Charleston man is running the Marine Corps Marathon to say thanks to the Marines who helped him lose 90 pounds, and to raise money for wounded veterans.

The big day is almost here for 38 year old Noah Moore. For five months, Moore has been training to run the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC.

"26.2 miles, but that's nothing compared to what the Marines do every day," said Moore.

He's trying to raise money for the Marines' Semper Fi Fund.

"It's a program that gives money to other Marines that are coming back from Afghanistan, Iraq that are injured and they need immediate help," Moore explained.

If you knew Moore a couple of years ago, you'd say there's no way he could ever run a marathon. He weighed between 255 and 260 pounds, but decided to do something about it. Moore joined the MUSC boot camp, which is run by the Marines.

"Never would I thought I'd lose 90 pounds and be able to run a marathon, a marathon, 26.2 miles, no," Moore said. "It's a lot of training, five months. I've been running, eating right, and working out. I work with a group. I got a coach."

Now Moore wants to give back to the Marines who helped him get into shape.

"The Semper Fi fund gave away more than $33 million in the last five years," he said.

Moore's main goal is to make it to the finish line.

"My second goal is to get under four hours," he continued. "I'll never catch up to the Kenyans, but I'll do my best."

Moore says he doesn't care when he crosses the finish line. What does matter to him is raising money for wounded Marines.

"I hope that giving back to the Semper Fi Fund, we can repay some of that," he said.

The Marine Corps Marathon will be held Sunday. If you would like to donate to Moore's cause, click here.

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