Perspective: WIS editorial on the "Shop Columbia" campaign

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A new campaign has just kicked off encouraging shoppers in the Midlands to spend their money with local merchants.  The campaign, "Shop Proud, Shop Columbia," is sponsored by a coalition of businesses from Devine Street, downtown, Five Points, the Vista and Millwood.

We've recently witnessed several longtime local stores close their doors, including The Happy Bookseller, Hiller Hardware, and Sounds Familiar.  And the toll could continue to climb if we don't support our local merchants.

The City Center Partnership hopes to make local residents aware of the impact their shopping has on our local economy. They cite a neighborhood study in Chicago that found $68 of every $100 spent in locally owned and operated stores came back into the community in the form of payroll, sales tax and advertising.

"Shop Proud, Shop Columbia" signage, banners and window stickers are now appearing throughout the city encouraging  shoppers to find what they need right here.  I hope more business owners jump on board the "Shop Proud" campaign.  And before you think about driving to Charlotte or Charleston to shop, think about staying closer to home!

That's my perspective, I'd like to hear from you.