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Air sealing and insulation

Air that transfers in and out of homes through cracks, crevices and holes can increase energy consumption. Here are some helpful tips to avoid air infiltration:

  • Seal around pipe coming through walls.
  • During hot and cold weather, ensure windows are closed tightly and locked.
  • Ensure weather-stripping around doors and windows is tight.
  • When your fireplace is not operating, its flue should be closed tightly.
  • Check the ceiling behind the cornice of built-in bookshelves for holes cut during construction.
  • Drop-down, disappearing stairways should fit tightly into the ceiling and be carefully weather-stripped.
  • Whole-house attic fans should be sealed tightly during the winter.
  • Make sure your outside dryer vent door closes when the dryer is not in use.

Information courtesy Touchstone Energy $avers.

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