Statement from Benedict College (10/5)

The safety of our students is our first priority.  We moved all of the students previously housed at 1529 Horseshoe Drive to new accommodations at Garners Crossing because of safety concerns raised by the Richland County Fire Marshal.

Our students at 1529 Horseshoe Drive were in a building with functional fire alarms, working smoke detectors, fully charged fire extinguishers, lighted exit and fire evacuation routes, pressurized pumps and hose (one pump was under repair) and a 24 hour seven day a week fire security patrol on site.  The safety of our students is our first priority.  Despite these measures, the County Fire Marshal requested that the students move out while further measures, including sprinklers, are implemented.

We moved the students out of the facility temporarily until we can satisfy the Fire Marshal and the zoning authorities.  We have relocated all of the students to an apartment complex located approximately 5 miles or fifteen minutes from campus.  It will provide safe and reasonably comfortable temporary housing for the students.

We are currently working with Richland County to get the zoning and safety issues resolved.