Attorney General Henry McMaster's statement - - Columbia, South Carolina

Attorney General Henry McMaster's statement

"The motion regarding campaign contributions was a last minute maneuver by Eli Lilly's lawyers to delay justice for their client.

The judge found the motion had no merit. Lawyers on both sides of the case have made legal contributions to the Attorney General's campaigns, and those contributions have been fully and properly disclosed.

The State of South Carolina believes Eli Lilly has defrauded Medicaid and the state health insurance plan of hundreds of millions of dollars. The Attorney General is seeking to recover those funds on behalf of the taxpayers of South Carolina.

In fact, Eli Lilly recently pled guilty elsewhere to criminal charges in this matter. They were forced to pay over a billion dollars in damages. Virtually every state in the nation is taking similar action against them.

Attorney General McMaster always selects the best qualified lawyers for each case. He is never influenced by whose campaigns they may or may not have supported.

The process the Attorney General follows in selecting and appointing lawyers to handle cases for the state is one the nations most accountable and transparent. So much so that legislation is now pending in the S.C. General Assembly to codify the Attorney General's selection process into law."

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