Perspective: WIS Editorial on civility

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Whatever happened to the concept of civility?  According to the dictionary, civility means "politeness -- an individual act or a manner of behaving which conforms to social conventions of propriety."  So civility involves self-control or moderation and contrasts with pride, insolence, and arrogance.

Over the past several days we've seen some egregious acts of incivility by some very public persons.  First there was Joe Wilson's outburst during President Obama's health care speech to Congress, then we watched Serena Williams' profane tirade on the tennis court, and then Kanye West unceremoniously grabbed the mic from Taylor Swift during her Video Music Award acceptance speech.

I realize that in our world of instantaneous communication, very little escapes public scrutiny anymore, but is definitely a trend here -- a lack of civic virtue, simple good manners, respect for elders or authority, and just plain rudeness.  If our public figures cannot conduct themselves with politeness, respect, and tolerance, how do we expect average citizens to conduct themselves in society?

That's my perspective.  I'd like to hear from you -- in a civil way, of course.