Congressman Joe Wilson releases statement after floor vote

WASHINGTON - Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) delivered the following statement on the floor of the House of Representatives this evening.

"Mr. Speaker, I am humbled and grateful for the support and prayers of my wife Roxanne, my four sons, my staff, the people of South Carolina, my colleagues, and the American people.

"I think it is clear to the American people that there are far more important issues facing this nation than what we are addressing right now.  The President said the time for games is over.  I agree with the President.  He graciously accepted my apology and the issue was over.

"However, this action today will have done nothing for the taxpayers to rein in the growing cost and size of the federal government.  It will not help more Americans secure jobs, promote better education, insure retirement, or reform health insurance.

"It is the Democrat leadership in their rush to pass a very bad government health care plan that is bad medicine for America.  It has muzzled the voices we represent and provoked partisanship.

"When we are done here today, we will not have taken any steps closer to helping more American families afford health insurance or helping small businesses create new jobs.  The challenges our nation faces are far bigger than any one member of this House.  It is time that we move forward and get to work for the American people."