Risqué sweet 16 invites lead to police involvement

By Jordan Sandler - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - We got an email from the people at PLEX Indoor Sports in Richland County saying a party organizer planned a sweet 16 there. But the flyer promoting the event was not so innocent, and now deputies are involved.

"We're a family oriented facility," said PLEX Director of Facilities Chuck Davis.

They signed a contract to host a sweet 16 party Saturday organized by party planner Darrion Scott. He says he's thrown over 80 teen parties.

"It's a good way for kids to get out, stay out of trouble," said Scott.

48 hours before the event, Scott says PLEX called him.

"She called back and said it's canceled," said Scott.

PLEX says thousands of flyers promoting the party were circulated through high schools. Among other risque images, it reads "$100 to the sexiest pajama and lingerie contest." Scott is pictured on the flyer himself, but claims he doesn't know who passed them out.

"If it was never for this poster, the schools wouldn't have got a hold to it, and the party probably never would have got canceled by PLEX," said Scott.

This was the first teen party PLEX had ever booked. The party was supposed to be held inside a hockey rink. PLEX says in the contract, they agreed upon 100-200 kids attending. They say they got concerned when thousands of the flyers started showing up.

"Thousands of these went out to the schools, to an adult club downtown and to the gas stations, then that's when it started to worry us," said Davis.

Davis says using the PLEX name on the flyer was a breach of contract. They're not sure if they'll reimburse Scott's deposit.

"I want PLEX to compensate me for everybody I owe as well as the money I would have made," said Scott. "We signed the contract and they have to respect that."

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