Post-9/11 security changes now commonplace in SC

By Taylor Kearns - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Attacks in three separate cities in the United States impacted the entire country, including the Midlands. Changes in security mean changes in the way even people in the Midlands live everyday life. Some of the changes you might notice, and some you might not.

In the days after 9/11, security at Fort Jackson translated to long lines of cars at the main gate. Gone were the days of moving freely on and off the post. Eight years later, security is still tight but more streamlined.

"We live near Fort Jackson so we use to just run through there and now we can't, and we're not unhappy about that," said Julia Davis, who lives in Forest Acres with her husband Paul.
The Davis family, like many, has come to accept the changes in the Columbia landscape like the increased security around the federal buildings downtown, the Pendleton Street parking overhaul at the State House and changes at Columbia Metro Airport.

"We have learned to do business in a new way," said airport Executive Director Mike Flack. He said the changes start outside, with no more 15 minute curbside parking.
But the biggest change, as any traveler can tell you, is security protocol. Taking off your shoes and watching out for liquids and gels is now commonplace.

"We thought we would get back to something we knew as normal, but we had to accept the fact that the new normal is not the same as 'normal' before," said Flack.

"Remember that fateful day right years ago, when all our worlds changed," said Michael King.
At a 9/11 memorial in Columbia Friday, people say the changes are welcomed.

"We don't want another 9/11," said Julia Davis.

"All over the world today we need to remember it can happen again, God forbid it does but should it, I think we're prepared for it," said a firefighter.

Some changes you might not notice are in the skies above you. New flight restrictions prevent pilots from flying over certain buildings like power stations, and public events like football games.

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