Buy It and Try It: Pizzazz Pizza Oven

(Columbia) Jan. 31, 2003 - A lot of viewers have asked WIS News 10 to give the Pizzazz Pizza Oven a whirl. Does it cook up the perfect pizzeria taste at home? The pitch on TV is while the oven is pre-heating, you're eating, "Starts with frozen and ends up - awesome ... with the best pizza ever." The Pizzazz claims it's dual cooking system is hot stuff, turning out perfect pizza pies every time.

Candace Southern and Brooke Sanders are students at USC and they order a lot of pizza. WIS asked them to give the gadget a twirl. The first test was cooking frozen thin crust pizzas

One pizza was placed on the Pizzazz with the other in the oven. Directions for the oven say cook about 19 minutes, but with Pizzazz it's promised in 15 minutes or less. The students agree the Pizzazz looks the best, but does it have that authentic pizzeria taste?

Both agreed it tastes better.

WIS also cooked a stuffed crust pizza on the Pizzazz. The crust started to burn with two minutes left on the machine's timer. Finally it was done, maybe too done. The students had mixed responses from, "I don't think it's that big of a difference," to, "Yeah, it's all just store bought pizza to me."

The Pizzazz oven costs about $50, but is it worth the cash? The smart shopper gave it mixed results. It did cook the thin crust six times faster, but for the stuffed crust the Pizzazz took longer to cook than the oven.
Our testers liked the Pizzazz a little better, but they say the difference wasn't worth $50. WIS has talked to at least 20 people who've used Pizzazz and the reviews are split down the middle. The product is in local stores, so there's no shipping cost and if you don't like it you can take it back, but buyers beware because it generates a lot of heat, so don't let kids get near it.

By Judi Gatson
Posted 6:55pm by BrettWitt