Buy It and Try It: Shark Vac

(Columbia) Jan. 31, 2003 - The ad says no more breaking your back with a heavy vac, "It picks up hardware, woodchips, leaves even broken glass." They claim the Shark cordless sweeper is charged with enough power to vacuum almost anything, "My dog groomer uses it to clean up the loose hair around the floor."

Melissa Taylor is head groomer at Elam Animal Hospital in Columbia and is not sold, "It's pretty, but it doesn't look like it'll pick a whole lot up." She put the shark to the test to see what it can do. She started by taking a bite out of a big hair ball, "It's making this noise, but it is still picking up."

It was a tangled mess, but the tray was full.

The ad also claims, "It truly makes cleaning all around your house fast, easy..."
WIS asked Kimberly Few and her three boys, Thomas, Macrae and Evans, to help with our test. They really made a mess with crackers, cereal and chips. We also put down cat litter, screws, and heavy metal parts.

Kimberly says it made a clean sweep of the food and the cat litter and it even picked up the nails and screws, "That really, truly is amazing. I think I might purchase one of those."

But not so fast.

Kimberly found the shark pitting stuff out, "It obviously doesn't really hold all of the items that are being picked up. It just really doesn't do the job"

So what about that wall hugging technology? It did a so-so job.

The shark costs about $80, plus shipping and handling of $13. The smart shopper says it's not worth the cash. It's not because it got tangled up with the pet hair. The biggest concern is that it doesn't hold a lot and once it gets full and it can spit stuff out, which of course can be dangerous, especially if it's picking up nails or glass.

By Judi Gatson
Posted 6:23pm by BrettWitt