Perspective: WIS Editorial on Gov. Sanford's future

Two months ago, I spoke to you about the disgrace Governor Mark Sanford brought to his office when his extra-marital affair and the cover-up were exposed. Since then, reports on the governor's travel and spending have revealed some questionable practices. Now, Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer is calling for the governor to step down. Bauer says he would not run for re-election if he serves out the remainder of Sanford's term.

But Bauer's just one of the critics who are piling on the weakened governor. And while Sanford has been caught in lies, hypocrisy and bending the rules, I don't think that -- based on the evidence so far -- he needs to step down or be impeached. I've seen no widespread pattern of abuse for self-gain.

The governor's critics have not exactly covered themselves in glory. They seem to prefer grandstanding and talking about impeachment to solving our state's critical needs, including jobs, an inadequate tax structure and the sorry state of many of our public schools.

Mark Sanford says he will tend to the people's business by finishing out his term with a new focus on making our state a better place to live and work. Our other elected officials should carry out their duties and let Sanford do his.

That's my perspective. I'd like to hear from you!