Perspective: WIS Editorial on health care reform

The hottest topic around right now is health care reform. If you haven't informed yourself on this matter yet, you need to. There's a lot of misinformation out there, not to mention scare tactics, and you should consider all the facts before deciding where you stand.

South Carolina's high obesity, diabetes and unemployment rates combined with a high uninsured rate represent a recipe for disaster. Who do you think bears the burden of keeping the uninsured healthy? You do. If you have no coverage or have recently lost your job, you know just how critical this issue is, and I urge you to join the public debate.

Every wealthy nation other than the U.S. offers guaranteed health care to its citizens, and contrary to what you might be hearing, most of their plans work very well. Our own Medicare system has similarities to health care plans in Canada and France.

I don't pretend to have all the answers to health care reform, but doing nothing is unacceptable to this state and this nation. We must come together to find common ground, tone down the rhetoric and get something done to make sure that our citizens enjoy the same or better health care as other wealthy nations.

That's my perspective. I'd like to hear from you!