Midlands man forced to make tough choices after duplicate check problem

By Drew Stewart - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Johnnie Turner says he gets a check every week from the South Carolina Employment Security Commission, but he received duplicate checks a few weeks ago.

Doing the right thing, Turner returned one of those checks to the ESC without cashing it.

However, the ESC kept taking money from him like he had kept both checks.

Now, Turner and his family need the money they're due.

Turner has been receiving unemployment checks since he was laid off back in October 2008.

"I called them last week, they couldn't tell me anything. I talked to them yesterday, they told me they'd call me back and I haven't heard from them," said Turner.

The shortage in cash has forced Turner to make some tough decisions between necessities.

"I don't have the full funds coming in, so I've got to pay the light bill or buy groceries," said Turner.

And just as frustrating for Turner is not getting any answers.

"They say they'll call me back, but nobody has," said Turner.

After WIS contacted the ESC Wednesday afternoon, officials with the commission looked into Turner's account.

The agency found the check Turner returned.

The ESC will reimburse Turner the full amount he was docked by the end of the week.

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