Amanda Wolfe and Brent Sites

Their biography, written by Amanda: Brent and I have been engaged since May 30, 2009. We have dated for 2 and a half years before Brent proposed to me at a local horse show where we both compete in our spare times in barrel racing.

I met Brent in January 2007 after actually meeting him through Facebook, we emailed back and forth for a while and decided after some time to meet, we did and there was an instant connection. I felt like this is someone who I could really be myself around and enjoy just having fun with....not to mention Brent has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, I could just tell looking into those big blue eyes was a caring and loving person who could love me for who I am! Brent shares the same passion for horses and animals as I do and that has been a rare find! Owning a farm is hard laborious work but never once has he complained. We both compete in barrel racing which ultimately led to how he proposed to me.

On may 30th at one of our monthly races her got down on one knee and proposed to me at the arena where the show was located, which was perfect since most of our friends and family where there to share our special time. It was then announced on the loud speakers at the show that we were now engaged!

Brent is 26 years old and is a graduate of Chapin High School and also has an associate's degree is Architectural Engineering Technology. He works full time as an electrical designer for Guy White and Associates which is an Engineering firm in Irmo.

I am 22 years old and a graduate of Lexington High School. I am currently a full time student at Midlands Technical College where I will be graduating August 6th with a diploma in Expanded Duty Dental Assisting as well an Associates in Business for Administrative Office Technology, Both of us also work full time at my family farm in Lexington SC where we are a small horse boarding facility.

Its hard work being a full time student and also working full time at my farm, we work 24/7 365 days a year rain or shine to keep our farm going. We have to keep things running smoothly and making sure that all of the horses are properly care for, I have 9 horses of my own some of which have been given to me since the recession by owners who could no longer care for them, so I took them in gave them a home and manage to provide the best care that I possibly can for them.

Since I am a still a full time student, currently I don't have a regular job as schooling takes up all of my time. I hope that after I graduate I will have a job but in this economy nothing is guaranteed. We have been planning a wedding since we got engaged for next year but when I heard about the contest I just decided that it couldn't hurt to give it a try!

I have toured the Mitchell House an knew that was the place I wanted my wedding because I grew up in Lexington and that beautiful old plantation style home just "feels" like home to me.

Lately Brent and I have had a few setbacks, which is why I decided to write you guys when I heard about this contest on the news while I was on my way out the door to class! Last week Brent had an emergency appendectomy surgery and now we are faced with medical bills, which is a common thing for us since Brent is also an insulin dependent diabetic. His entire life he has had to deal with medical expenses and occasionally illness, last week being no exception which was yet another setback for our wedding.

Both of us know that we can't afford an elaborate wedding or a big house to live in but we know that one thing is for sure...we want to spend the rest of our lives together no matter how tough things get. I believe that the lord does not give us more than we can handle yet sometimes we wonder why he tests us so, I know that he does this to make us stronger, but it doesn't make things any easier! I truly believe that the lord has a plan for Brent and me and however things turn out things will work out in the end for us, whether we win this contest our not.

Brent and I are just your average young South Carolinians who are just starting out our new lives together, we are faced with struggles that every new couple are faced with and either way we do plan to get married by next year. We will reside in Lexington next to my family farm where we can spend the rest of our lives doing what we both love. We love each other very much and no matter how many setbacks we encounter we still have each other and will get through it! I truly appreciate your time and consideration for us, it would be an honor to be chosen for this contest. Thank You!