Kimberly Wright and Cecil Bradstreet - - Columbia, South Carolina

Kimberly Wright and Cecil Bradstreet

Kimberly Wright  and Cecil Bradstreet Kimberly Wright and Cecil Bradstreet

Their biography, written by Cecil: Kimberly was born in Columbia and went to Irmo High School. After completing high school she attended Francis Marion where she received her degree in teaching.  Kimberly now teaches kindergarten. I was born Phoenix but moved back with family to Chapin.  I received my degree in Criminal Justice and have been employed with SLED for 15 years. 

We met at a Cinco de Mayo party in 2008. We both had become recently single and just wanted to explore life and to see where it took us.  Our meeting started out as friendship or "drinking buddies," but found ourselves talking all the time and things progressed into a relationship. 

After being together for a year I decided that I wanted to ask her father for permission to marry her. Kimberly was taking an adult tap class and had a recital at the Township.  This was also the week of our 1 year anniversary.  I decided to make it a week of surprises.  The biggest one was that I flew her mother in from Little Rock Arkansas to see the recital.  I told Kimberly that every daughter has to have her mother there to watch.  What Kimberly didn't know was the biggest surprise was coming.  I decided to get all the family together so they could spy on us while I proposed.  My sister and I set up a blanket with candles, roses and a bottle of champagne at the Robert Mills House.  We walked over to the grounds and I popped the question and of course she said yes. 

We have been engaged now for about 2 months.  Two weeks ago our lives changed forever.  Kimberly was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer.  She had the tumor removed along with about 2 feet of her colon.  There were 6 lymph nodes that were positive, but the PET scan showed no other signs of cancer in the body.  She will now endure 16 treatments of chemotherapy over the next 32 weeks.  We have a tremendous support system that has been a wonderful foundation for us.  After questions and tears we are ready to fight this and she is going to prevail.  Our future plans are to beat this and move on in our lives and have a family.

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