Kimberly Samuel and Michael Simmons - - Columbia, South Carolina

Kimberly Samuel and Michael Simmons

Kimberly Samuel and Michael Simmons Kimberly Samuel and Michael Simmons

Their biography, written by Kim: Mike and I met on February 7, 2003 at a gym on Bush River Road.  In January, my mom and dad were personal training with him and participating in his aerobics class.  Originally I was supposed to start in January with them, but I procrastinated.  Once they began with him, they could not stop singing his praises, so before I even met him I had this undeniable feeling that he was special.  In April 2003, Mike had a big birthday party and fashion revue that showed off his clients and their success.  It was at that party that he said he knew we would be together.  The day after the party we started talking on the phone, getting to know each other.  He also introduced to me the idea of becoming a fitness instructor.  My life changed drastically for the better after that point.  Three months after I started training and aerobics I had lost 40 pounds and went from a 12/14 to a size 4.  I gained a love and appreciation for exercise, eating right, and health and wellness.  I had also gained a friend in Mike.  We became even closer as we started spending time together and as time progressed we grew in love.  What attracts me to Mike is his love for Christ, character, integrity, desire to help others, and definitely his sense of humor.

Mike writes: I would like to break the tradition about weddings. Instead of the bride and her family paying for everything, I would like to be able for us to win this contest and give my fiancé the gift of paying for everything else.  Currently, I and my fiancé are in counseling with my Pastor and it is great.   I believe everyone should have counseling before getting married. My Pastor James White at Rhema Christian Center taught on Marriage and Relationships about two months including Marriage, Balance, Trust, Care, Concern, Commitment, Communication, Honesty, and Sex. I and my finance attended all classes in February and March 2009 at my Church. The first thing my Pastor had us to do before counseling is to look at a movie Fire Proof.  I recommend this movie to any one that is thinking about getting married or anyone going through any problems at home. I and my fiancé were engaged on Christmas, December 25, 2008 at 8:25pm while we were exchanging Christmas gifts.  I gave her an armoire that she wanted and hid the wedding ring inside.  That is the major reason I would like to win the Marriage Contest because the Wedding would also be in December, we got engaged on December 25th, and her birthday is December 7th; therefore it would be 3 in 1. (Even though she says that would make it too easy for me to remember.)   I and my fiancé,  Kim, love the Lord, both of us are Personal Trainers , Aerobic  Instructors  and vegetarian (Genesis 1:29).  When we get married, we would like to do something different at the reception  and serve no meat.  I am attracted to Kim because of her personality; I can see the "God" in her, and her beauty inside and out.

Mike and Kim write: Our future plans are to stay in Church and keep Christ first individually, in our marriage, and in our home, stay married for a lifetime, and have children.  We also plan to continue to increase It's Time To Live Longer, LLC business and eventually build our own gym and health and wellness complex.   Thank-you for providing us with a chance to win this great opportunity.

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