NACA: Lenders slowing process of mortgage rate reduction

By Stewart Moore - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - We started looking into Karen Long's case dealing with NACA on Monday.

The group's 'Save the Dream' tour promised thousands in the Midlands to help lower their mortgage rate.

After Monday's story aired, we got a tremendous response from you about similar issues you're facing with NACA.

Unfortunately, it may be too little, too late for thousands of people in the area still waiting on a response from the group about their mortgages.

"Every time they call the call center for an update, once their file has been submitted to the lender, our call center turns around and updates the lenders asking for a response. If the lenders are not responding, then they are still stuck and unfortunately, it feels like we're not helping them. But actually we are," said Theresa White, spokesperson for NACA.

But that wait time is more than a hour when you call NACA's customer service.

Local foreclosure prevention expert Karen Jenkins wants a little more response from the group.

"I think their machine was built to handle this much capacity, they've gotten this much. Doesn't give them an excuse for not responding, but just be prudent and stay on top of them," said Jenkins.

For the thousands of people still waiting and the dozens that have contacted us, they say, the lenders not responding is no excuse for NACA not updating them that they are still working on their file. Of course, this makes many people think about giving up on NACA.

"I've had people wait 3 - 4 months and got a restructure back. And it was better than what we proposed. I've had people wait almost a year because the lender wanted different things in store. It's up to the person themselves," said White.

"If I'm three months behind, I may want to go work with someone who has a shorter timeline. and that may be something you want to ask before going in. Ask them what the turn time is. How fast are they getting to cases and see if they want to go that route," said Jenkins.

Karen says one thing important to remember is if you do seek help from another non-profit, it may mean your lender will delete whatever file you have in the works with NACA. She says it's a risk some people may need to take because the wait time may be too long for them to save their house.

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