Transcript: SLED director Lloyd on Sanford investigation

COLUMBIA - The following is a transcript of SLED Director Reggie Lloyd's remarks at Thursday afternoon's news conference (edited for clarity).

Obviously over the last few days SLED had been asked by a number of people to look into a number of allegations regarding the use or alleged use of of public money for any improper purposes on the governor's relationship that he revelaed recently.

SLED has over those last couple days viewed public records from the comptroller general's office, budget and control board, and the governor's office. We also reviewed private information that was provided by the governor regarding his personal financial records.

SLED at this time, I will say in regards to this relationship, we have found no improper use of public funds. That is the scope of our review during the entire process the governor's office and the governor was extremely cooperative. The governor even availed himself for an interview with SLED and we have come away with absolutely no evidence or suggestion that any public funds were used in an improper manner.

I will just say that there are a number of other questions that have been submitted to SLED or raised by members of the public or General Assembly that they wanted SLED to look at. I repeatedly said what SLED will not do is get involved in matters properly in the political realm. We have not done that nor will we do that.

Those are questions best left to either the general assembly or to the governor's office to answer. Our scope is very narrow. I will add, once again, that this was not a criminal inquiry; it was not a criminal investigation. At no time during this period of review did SLED learn any information, any facts, any evidence that suggests that a crime had been commited.

As you all know, the way our criminal justice system works, as a criminal law enforcement agency, you need that to begin. You normally do not just start going through people's documents or through their personal life in an investigation. In this case, the governor was cooperative. He cooperated with our review; he provided information to us that would answer the question of was there an improper use of public funds and we're satisfied that there was none.

We will do a report which we will forward to the Attorney General and to the State Ethics Commission regarding our findings and they can take whatever action they believe they need to.