Affairs can devastate families, but what if you're the First Family?

By Hannah Horne - bio | email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - An admission of an affair can devastate any family, but what about Gov. Mark Sanford's family and his marriage?

Many times in Wednesday's news conference, Sanford mentioned his family and his regret for "letting them down."

WIS News 10's Hannah Horne has met with the first lady several times, and she says each time she's met her, she was marveled at her confidence and strength.

Jenny Sanford was a former financial broker on Wall Street. Mrs Sanford moved into politics when Mark said he wanted to run for congress.

From there, she was the campaign manager for Mark Sanford's 2002 governor's race.

She has balanced public life and private life, raising her four boys Marshall, Landon, Bolton, and Blake.

In a 2002 interview, she said family would always come first.

"From our perspective, a family perspective whether you win or lose in this race we stay together as a family," said Mrs. Sanford.

In Wednesday's conference, Sanford called his sons "jewels and blessings" and said that Jenny had stood by his side for twenty years.

Time will tell if they will have the strength for another twenty.

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