Statement from Rep. Nikki Haley

Representative Nikki Haley (R-Lexington) released the following statement regarding Governor Sanford's press conference:

"While Governor Sanford and I have long shared a political philosophy, today's revelations go well beyond politics.  This is a tragic situation for the Sanford family and for our state.  My prayers are with the Sanfords, and in particular with Jenny and the boys, and I will do anything I can to help them through this ordeal.

"My work in the General Assembly and in my campaign for governor has always been centered on bringing trust and accountability back to government.  One component of that is treating taxpayer dollars responsibly and changing the structure of state government so it is accountable to taxpayers.  Governor Sanford has been a champion of those principles, and I admire his efforts in those areas.  However, another component is behaving in a manner that allows people to trust in their public officials and feel good about their government.  Obviously, the Governor has fallen far short in that regard and that is extremely unfortunate.

"I will continue to bring my message of trust and accountability to the people of our state over the weeks and months ahead.  More importantly, I hope to be able to help heal the wounds that have been created in South Carolina by today's news."