The Sunrise Garden

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Welcome to the Sunrise Garden page! Over the next few weeks, the Sunrise Team will be teaming up with our friends at Rosewood Community Garden, Wingards Nursery and Harvest Hope Food Bank to test our green thumbs.

We'll be updating the progress on our garden over the next several weeks. If you click on the slideshow link to the right of this story, you'll see the latest picture from the garden.

Here are some gardening tips provided to us by our gardening professionals.

Garden Tips:

1) Soil is the key to a good garden.  If you do not have great soil and want a fast start, make a raised bed and fill with a good mix*.

*Recipe for good soil:

  • Two 4-cubic foot bags of coarse vermiculite.
  • One 3.9 cubic foot bale of peat moss (this bale is compressed and will expand to nearly 8 cubic feet when opened).
  • 4-5 bags of a variety of compost to equal 8 cubic feet.  (mushroom, manure, etc.)

This mix will give you a total of almost 24 cubic feet of Planting Mix. Since a 4'x4' 6-inch deep box requires 8 cubic feet, that batch is enough for 3 boxes.

It is best to mix in a large, open, indoor space that is well-ventilated, or even better outdoors on a non-windy day. We have found it best to mix the ingredients by emptying them onto a large tarp or piece of heavy plastic. Because the materials are dusty at the start, you should wear a standard dust mask.  Keep the kids away from the mixing operation until you put the material into your boxes and wet it down. Thereafter, there should be no problem with dust even if all the material dries out.

Stay tuned to this page to get the latest updates on the garden!