Perspective: WIS Editorial on Unemployment

Double-digit unemployment is a reality in South Carolina -- it's now 11 percent! And in counties like Allendale, it's even higher. Our state has nearly a quarter million unemployed.  It's a grim picture.  But is it hopeless?  No.

At WIS, we are dedicating ourselves to an effort to arm you with information you can use to get through the current crisis.  We call it "Survive in '09."  Because there will be brighter days ahead, we just don't know when.  But we have some idea how to get there, and in the coming months, our news folks and I will be taking action -- digging at the roots of the problem, looking for answers to the problems we all face, and holding our public officials accountable.

We're not Pollyannas. We do have serious economic problems.  But in our state, we can resolve that together we will survive; together we will get ourselves ready for the recovery. Be honest with yourself.  If you need remedial education, there are ways to get it. Do you need modern technical skills? Discuss with the employment security office.  It can be done.  Every day, courageously act with confidence. It can be contagious.  That's my perspective.  Please tell us yours.