Buy It and Try It: Flip fold

(Columbia) Nov. 13, 2002 - The TV ad says you can flip-fold any type of shirt, long or short sleeve, sweaters, sweatshirts, and even pants and towels in less than five seconds.
Allison Duncan despises doing laundry and if there's anything that will make it faster and easier, she's ready to give it a try. "They show the closet, you know where everything's been thrown in and then they show the folded closet. I want to have my closet to look like that."

First, you lay the shirt flat and then fold the bottom.

Allison likes the way it flip-folds shirts, but when it comes to pleating pants, "It kinda bunched up a little there."

Nanette Walters runs Soaps Laundromat and she's a perfectionist when it comes to folding. She says sure it looks easy, "But they don't tell you that you probably have to get everything perfect on the board to start with, which takes time, and then flip, flip fold."

Good enough, but not for Nanette, "Right here where you folded it over, it's gonna have a crease in it."

She also tried to flip-fold a sweatshirt, "See, when you flipped it, it cluttered that up."

Next up was a shirt with a collar, a sweater, even a towel.
So is this a fabulous way to fold or a flop?

Nanette wasn't impressed, "I wouldn't buy it."

Allison sees it as unnecessary, "I wouldn't spend the money on it, but someone who has the money to spend on it, it's worth it, I think."

So, what does the smart shopper think? She gives it mixed reviews, but says it really does do a pretty good job on t-shirts. If you're as picky as Nanette about folding, you probably won't be happy with the results.

By Judi Gatson
Posted 5:54pm by BrettWitt