Perspective: WIS editorial on child abuse prevention

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Every so often, a story in the news cries out for justice. And the recent WIS News 10 investigation of a child bitten while in daycare is one of those stories.

Kara Gormley found out that the Lexington County Sheriff's Department decided criminal charges "were not warranted" in the case of an eight-month-old boy attacked by another child in a daycare home -- attacked so severely, his mom said, that a plastic surgeon had to reattach the boy's ear.

Kara's investigation found there's a loophole in state law. The daycare operator said her husband was in charge of the baby while she napped. And, Kara learned, that since the husband was technically babysitting, not providing daycare, he may not be liable for the baby's injuries.

This is an outrage.  Babies cannot defend themselves any more effectively against other children than they can against adults. Our state legislature needs to close this loophole in the law -- fast. And what better time than April, Child Abuse Prevention Month? That's my perspective. I'd like to hear from you!