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  1. Lt. Gov. McConnell not seeking new term, pursuing CofC presidency instead

    … McConnell moved from Senate president to lieutenant governor in March, 2012 following the resignation of Ken Ard . Ard pleaded guilty to seven counts of violating the State Ethics Act. McConnell said he would make formal application …

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  2. Frazier controversy raises recall issue

    …A couple of years later there was more legislation in the wake of the ethics investigation involving Lieutenant Governor Ken Ard . And following her first year in office, some of Governor Nikki Haley's critics tried to launch yet another drive …

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  3. Harrell on defensive after media scrutiny of campaign funds

    …owns and pilots. Former Gov. Mark Sanford ran into ethics trouble on the issue of air travel. Former Lt. Gov. Ken Ard also had ethics problems in his use of campaign funds. This is beginning to sound familiar. We have yet to hear …

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  4. Perspective: A WIS editorial on Ethics Reform

    …ethics issues involving Governor Haley and House Speaker Bobby Harrell, as well as the indictment of former Lt. Gov. Ken Ard for ethics violations, have further breached the public trust. Governor Nikki Haley has done the right thing by …

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  5. Legislators prepare for 2013 session to begin Tuesday

    …prosecution of a sitting lieutenant governor, and a sitting govenor on trial on ethics charges. Former Lt. Governor Ken Ard pleaded guilty. Governor Haley was cleared. Then in May, a technicality in the state's candidate filing …

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  6. Lieutenant governor candidate's son charged with DUI

    …Driving Under the Influence - 1st Offense. Candidate Ken Ard confirmed his son was booked at the jail. He told WBTW ……campaign but would handle family matters privately. Ken Ard is a Florence County councilman who faces Democrat Ashley …

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  7. Democratic party staffer filed Ethics complaint that sparked Haley inquiry

    …investigation into former Lt. Gov. Ken Ard 's campaign finances in February 2011 ……levied 106 civil violations against Ard , who agreed to pay $48,400 in fines ……state grand jury ultimately indicted Ard with seven counts of campaign finance …

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  8. Report: SC government at high risk for corruption

    …Mark Sanford and former Lt. Gov. Ken Ard . Sanford paid more than $100,000 ……to visit his mistress in Argentina. Ard paid $60,000 in ethics fines on campaign ……violation charges. Those charges led to Ard 's resignation and pleading guilty …

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  9. Senate President McConnell is new Lt. Gov.

    …Carolina. The Charleston Republican will take over from Ken Ard , who resigned Friday morning amid a criminal investigation ……personally. McConnell's announcement two hours after Ard stepped down was a surprise. McConnell has been in the …

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  10. SC GOP lt gov contenders spent $3M to be nominee

    …finance reports filed this week show Republican nominee Ken Ard heads into November $300,000 in debt. Democrat ……money but has no debt. He's spent $78,000. Ard had raised $403,000. He put $185,000 of his own money …

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