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My Take: SC voters hit the polls in force on Election Tuesday

This week, voters hit the polls and made their voices heard. While the final numbers are not yet available, the overall turnout appears to be significant.

  My Take: Another mass shooting has happened again

Another senseless tragedy has left multiple victims dead. A shooting rampage at a Synagogue in Pittsburgh over the weekend ended with 11 lives lost and a community forever changed.

My Take: South Carolina roads continue to get more dangerous

We’ve made it a point at WIS to make you aware of the dangers surrounding you and the ones you present as you drive across the state.

My Take: Our thoughts are with law enforcement in Florence

The Florence Police Department is mourning the loss of a co-worker and a friend.

My Take: Weeks after arrival, Florence left flooding, damage in SC

It has been two weeks since the devastating Hurricane Florence rocked the Carolinas. It was days of furious rain and incredible uncertainty for hundreds of thousands.

My Take: Florence created danger scenario for the Carolinas

A nightmare scenario is playing out for hundreds of thousands across the Carolinas.

My Take: SC roads are so dangerous in 2018

Mind you – it's only September - we're well on pace to 1,000 deaths.

My Take: Bicyclist struck and killed on SC roadway is another fatal accident on dangerous roads

A Midlands family is dealing with a terrible tragedy. Saturday, while riding his bicycle, 40 year old Justin Turner was struck and killed.

My Take: Democracy worked in favor of Tri-County Electric Co-op customers

So many angry electric customers had those two words in their minds when they showed up last Saturday to do something unprecedented.

My Take: What is an 'anonymous source?'

Once again, anonymous sources are back in the headlines.

My Take: Has the buzz about the Soda Cap Connector fizzled out?

They're air-conditioned. They have WiFi. And the drivers who pilot them always seem to greet you with a smile.

My Take: BullStreet development is in the weeds...literally

Is it beautification...or just an eyesore? An area designed to promote Columbia's BullStreet district instead has some people scratching their heads.

My Take: What you should know about the proposed plastic bag ban in Richland Co.

Plastic bags could become a thing of the past in Richland County if some council members have their way.

My Take: Too many deadly collisions on SC roads in 2018

We are at a halfway point in 2018 and to be frank, too many people have died on our roads in the state.

My Take: Be safe and enjoy the Fourth of July holiday

The July 4th holiday is upon us.  The summer patriotic holiday is often a time for vacations and family get-togethers, barbecues and of course, fireworks. But the real reason behind this holiday, of course, is the celebration of the birth of our nation.

My Take: Struggles with mental health are real, learn to help someone in need

Already this year, we have seen countless well-known people share stories about their struggles with mental health.

My Take: Did you get to vote in the primaries?

Did you take the time to vote on Tuesday?  This week South Carolina saw a landslide of unexpected and surprising results in the statewide Primary.

My Take: Traffic fatalities should be a big concern for all South Carolinians

Traffic deaths are way up in the Midlands. In Lexington County, 38 people have died on the roads since Jan. 1.

My Take: Our hearts go out to our WYFF news family

The entire news community is grieving this week following the loss of two valued journalists.

My Take: What Memorial Day is all about

Memorial Day is almost here. For many, it's the unofficial start to summer. A time of cookouts, days at the pool and family vacations.

My Take: Congratulations, Mayor Benjamin!

Congratulations are in order for Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin. This week, he became the 76th President of the U.S. Conference Of Mayors.

  My Take: Where is your action on the failed nuclear energy plant, SC legislators?

The S. C. legislature made it their number one priority at the start of the 2018 session that they were going to pass something on nuclear.

My Take: Prison reform in South Carolina has to happen

Over the past two weeks, the issue of conditions at Department Of Corrections prisons has exploded.

My Take: A'ja Wilson is a tribute to Gamecocks athletics

Thursday was another banner day in the proud tradition of South Carolina Gamecocks sports.

My Take: Pursuing the truth in news

There's a lot of talk these days about "fake news" and so-called "network bias." In the social media age, it takes just a few seconds to fire off a message someone considers a "fact."

My Take: Solicitor Dan Johnson is on the hot seat - to say the least

It's an antiquated term, but the position of a solicitor is an important one. Think of a solicitor as an elected prosecutor or district attorney - AKA the person who fights for you in court if you ever become a victim of a crime.

My Take: Columbia, Richland Co. has a serious violent crime problem

Allow me to be frank. Columbia and Richland County have a serious violent crime problem.

My Take: Reactions to school shootings

This time, an armed school resource officer did his job, jumped into action and engaged the shooter who died at the scene. If there is a right way and a wrong way to handle a school shooting, this one is an example of at least a better way to do it.

My Take: Students make their voices heard

Something very unusual happened this week here in the Midlands and across the country. High school students and some even younger walked out of class for 17 minutes Wednesday to remember the lives lost last month during a mass shooting in Parkland, Florida.

MY TAKE GUEST EDITORIAL: VP of Southern Operations for Dominion Energy

Hello, I'm Dan Weekley, Vice President of Southern Operations for Dominion Energy. Dominion Energy has worked hard to communicate our offer to combine with SCE&G and its parent company, SCANA.

My Take: How should the Rev. Billy Graham be remembered?

Reverend Billy Graham was a beloved figure to millions from his decades of crusades around the globe. His death at the age of 99 was followed by a week of mourning that included visits to his childhood home by Presidents past and present as well as people from all walks of life.

My Take: Billy Graham's message of love through God will endure long after his death

Billy Graham used to tell a story about how another minister said he'd never amount to anything but a country preacher.

My Take: Guest editorial - Social media divides what's at the heart of mass shootings

All I have seen on Facebook or any social media, in general, is one side blaming the other. People say it's a bullying issue, people say it's a schooling issue, people say it's a mental health issue, people say it's a parenting issue, or people say it's a gun issue.

My Take: Don't become numb to mass shootings in the US

The headlines this week are horrifying. Right now the country is dealing with another mass school shooting.

My Take: The Amtrak-CSX collision and the Midlands' response

Early Sunday morning, disaster struck in the Midlands. An Amtrak passenger train crashed into a stopped CSX freight train.

My Take: The SCE&G bill challenge

I want you to do two things. Go find your SCE&G bill and grab a calculator. And, by the way, a lot of you are probably seeing some bigger numbers on those bills this time around – thanks to weeks of very cold weather.

My Take: Gov. Henry McMaster's first State of the State address

Governor Henry McMaster stepped before legislators - and the eyes of all South Carolinians Wednesday night.

My Take: Fairfield County's failed nuclear plants and Dominion Energy

You might not know it, but many of you are still paying each month for two nuclear reactors that most agree will never be built.

My Take: Celebrating Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving and this time of the year signals the beginning of the wondrous holiday season.

My Take: Please consider adopting a family this year

We are asked to give a lot these days. Outside stores, at the checkout, even at fast food restaurants. It seems everywhere we turn, we are asked to give to some kind of charity. At times, it can be overwhelming. To be sure, there are a lot of charitable organizations that can use help. But rarely do you get to see your good deeds at work in your own community. And even less so do you have the opportunity to be an active participant in spreading cheer.

My Take: Grab a veteran and thank them for their service

As we put away the pumpkins and Halloween decorations, many are already looking forward to Thanksgiving or even beyond to Christmas. If you look around, you can already see the signs of the season popping up.