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My Take: SC roads are so dangerous in 2018

My Take: Bicyclist struck and killed on SC roadway is another fatal accident on dangerous roads

My Take: Democracy worked in favor of Tri-County Electric Co-op customers

My Take: What is an 'anonymous source?'

My Take: Has the buzz about the Soda Cap Connector fizzled out?

My Take: BullStreet development is in the weeds...literally

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  My Take: What you should know about the proposed plastic bag ban in Richland Co.

My Take: Too many deadly collisions on SC roads in 2018

My Take: Be safe and enjoy the Fourth of July holiday

My Take: Struggles with mental health are real, learn to help someone in need

My Take: Did you get to vote in the primaries?

My Take: Traffic fatalities should be a big concern for all South Carolinians

  My Take: Our hearts go out to our WYFF news family

The entire news community is grieving this week following the loss of two valued journalists.

My Take: What Memorial Day is all about

Memorial Day is almost here. For many, it's the unofficial start to summer. A time of cookouts, days at the pool and family vacations.

  My Take: Congratulations, Mayor Benjamin!

Congratulations are in order for Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin. This week, he became the 76th President of the U.S. Conference Of Mayors.

My Take: Where is your action on the failed nuclear energy plant, SC legislators?

The S. C. legislature made it their number one priority at the start of the 2018 session that they were going to pass something on nuclear.

  My Take: Prison reform in South Carolina has to happen

My Take: A'ja Wilson is a tribute to Gamecocks athletics

My Take: Pursuing the truth in news

My Take: Solicitor Dan Johnson is on the hot seat - to say the least

My Take: Columbia, Richland Co. has a serious violent crime problem

My Take: Reactions to school shootings

My Take: Students make their voices heard

Something very unusual happened this week here in the Midlands and across the country. High school students and some even younger walked out of class for 17 minutes Wednesday to remember the lives lost last month during a mass shooting in Parkland, Florida.

MY TAKE GUEST EDITORIAL: VP of Southern Operations for Dominion Energy

Hello, I'm Dan Weekley, Vice President of Southern Operations for Dominion Energy. Dominion Energy has worked hard to communicate our offer to combine with SCE&G and its parent company, SCANA.

My Take: How should the Rev. Billy Graham be remembered?

Reverend Billy Graham was a beloved figure to millions from his decades of crusades around the globe. His death at the age of 99 was followed by a week of mourning that included visits to his childhood home by Presidents past and present as well as people from all walks of life.

My Take: Billy Graham's message of love through God will endure long after his death

Billy Graham used to tell a story about how another minister said he'd never amount to anything but a country preacher.

My Take: Guest editorial - Social media divides what's at the heart of mass shootings

All I have seen on Facebook or any social media, in general, is one side blaming the other. People say it's a bullying issue, people say it's a schooling issue, people say it's a mental health issue, people say it's a parenting issue, or people say it's a gun issue.

My Take: Don't become numb to mass shootings in the US

The headlines this week are horrifying. Right now the country is dealing with another mass school shooting.

My Take: The Amtrak-CSX collision and the Midlands' response

Early Sunday morning, disaster struck in the Midlands. An Amtrak passenger train crashed into a stopped CSX freight train.

My Take: The SCE&G bill challenge

I want you to do two things. Go find your SCE&G bill and grab a calculator. And, by the way, a lot of you are probably seeing some bigger numbers on those bills this time around – thanks to weeks of very cold weather.

My Take: Gov. Henry McMaster's first State of the State address

Governor Henry McMaster stepped before legislators - and the eyes of all South Carolinians Wednesday night.

My Take: Fairfield County's failed nuclear plants and Dominion Energy

You might not know it, but many of you are still paying each month for two nuclear reactors that most agree will never be built.

My Take: Celebrating Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving and this time of the year signals the beginning of the wondrous holiday season.

My Take: Please consider adopting a family this year

We are asked to give a lot these days. Outside stores, at the checkout, even at fast food restaurants. It seems everywhere we turn, we are asked to give to some kind of charity. At times, it can be overwhelming. To be sure, there are a lot of charitable organizations that can use help. But rarely do you get to see your good deeds at work in your own community. And even less so do you have the opportunity to be an active participant in spreading cheer.

My Take: Grab a veteran and thank them for their service

As we put away the pumpkins and Halloween decorations, many are already looking forward to Thanksgiving or even beyond to Christmas. If you look around, you can already see the signs of the season popping up.

My Take: Do your homework before Halloween arrives

Halloween is upon us. It's a day children—and many adults—look forward to all year long. It means costumes, candy and neighborhood fellowship. All the fun also comes with a word of caution for parents. Be aware of sex offenders in your neighborhood.

My Take: Needed changes coming to Richland County EMS

It looks like some much needed help is coming to the Richland County EMS. Council members are moving to address issues exposed during a series of recent WIS Investigative reports.

My Take: WIS is not owned by NBC, we control the message locally

Many of you out there are tired of the seemingly ceaseless rhetoric regarding fake news & President Trump. However, given the recent comments by the President, I'd like to take a moment and acknowledge the assertion that NBC and other credible news outlets fabricate news to further an agenda. Quality, fair and unbiased reporting is paramount to a successful and accountable governmental body. That reporting is clearly protected by the First Amendment of our Constit...

My Take: When will it all end?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  We have many reminders of this including the upcoming Walk For Life event that WIS is sponsoring on October 14th. Breast Cancer has touched most of our lives, inflicting its damage on relatives and friends of nearly all of us. So, I planned on addressing this disease and its impact on us this week in my regular My Take.

My Take: Let's all do a lot more listening

There's been a lot of talk about the National Anthem, and about kneeling or standing this week. I'm not going to talk about that, though. Why? Pretty much no one watching this would change their mind anyway.

GUEST MY TAKE: Denise Holland, CEO of Harvest Hope Food Bank

Hello, I'm Denise Holland, CEO of Harvest Hope Food Bank. When Hurricane Irma's uncertain track put our state at risk of significant damage, you, our citizens rose to the challenge of preparing yourself and preparing to help people in need.

My take: An open letter to Kentucky fans and alumni

Last weekend, our community was rocked by shocking gun violence in Columbia's Vista entertainment district. People out for a relaxing evening of fun with friends had their safety and security shattered by the acts of a few individuals. In all, eight people were shot and injured early Saturday morning.

My Take: There will be a next time

In the span of two weeks, our country has dealt with two catastrophic hurricanes that levied enormous damage and destruction upon Texas with Harvey and the southeast with Irma.

My Take: The eclipse reminded us to find our own moments of joy, whenever possible

The summer of 2017 will be remembered for many things. Many continue to feel the stress of increasing tensions with North Korea. And there was also the tragedy in Charlottesville that left three people dead. The ongoing debate on what to do with monuments honoring Confederate war veterans continues. These issues won't be solved easily, if at all. But for a very brief moment Monday, that stress came to an end.

My Take: It’s time to block or jam cell phone service inside South Carolina prisons

It's time to block or jam cell phone service inside South Carolina prisons.

My Take: SCE&G should drop the V.C. Summer surcharge immediately

A disgrace, a colossal failure and a complete waste of money. All these descriptions could be applied to the nuclear reactors project at V.C. Summer in Fairfield County.

My Take: Opioid abuse is no easy problem to solve

You've probably been hearing a lot about Opioid abuse in recent months. And with good reason. The growing use of Opioids for pain relief has quickly gotten out of hand, with more and more people being abusive in their use of the pills. And the problem has quickly turned deadly.

My Take: We need more troopers on patrol

Excessive speeding is a big problem in our state. On a daily basis, the interstates are filled with drivers going 15, 20 or even 25 miles over the posted speed limit. That's not only illegal, it's potentially deadly. That danger is the motivation behind a new speed enforcement campaign underway in South Carolina and neighboring states. It's called "Operation Southern Shield." Now through July 23rd, law enforcement officers are cracking down on speeders, ...

GUEST MY TAKE: Mayor Benjamin: "A 'Front Porch' is not a circus nor a beach"

Our state capital is a special place – historic and treasured. Our beautiful SC is a welcoming state known for its southern hospitality.  The State’s Front Porch initiative that you’ve heard so much about will demonstrate our hospitality at its finest and provide an opportunity to showcase the best our state’s various regions have to offer.  A front porch is not a circus nor a beach.  It is a physical space that is both personal to its residents...

My Take: How about using Finlay Park for "Front Porch"

Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin’s idea to create a “Front Porch” on the grounds has drawn the ire of Senator  Katrina Shealy.  Shealy has drafted an on-line petition that is attempting to thwart Mayor Benjamin’s plan to sue the State House ground to plant things like beach chairs, ping-pong, a putting green and more.  Benjamin has even secured a $195,000 grant to pay for all of this.  Shealy calls Benjamin’s suggestion “a really ...

My Take: SC's roadways need to be more pedestrian-friendly

Last weekend, our community laid to rest a young man who was hit by a car while talking part in an F3 group run in Lexington. In fact, a total of four pedestrians in a span of seven days lost their lives on Midlands roadways.

RCSD cracks burglary ring that spans several jurisdictions

Three people are facing a slew of charges following a four-month investigation into a burglary ring in several Midlands communities.

My Take: Use lottery money to replace SC's aging school buses

Governor Henry McMaster last week vetoed 20+ million dollars that were to replace the state's aging school bus fleet.

My Take: Flag Day reminds us to fly the Stars and Stripes more often

Happy Flag Day!

My Take: SC: Where the rubber meets the road!

The Midlands economy got another big boost this week with the announcement that the Wanli Tire Corporation plans to build a plant in Orangeburg County.

My Take: Finlay Park no 'crown jewel' anymore

It used to be called the "crown jewel" of the Columbia parks system. But the label no longer fits. Anyone visiting the Capital City's Finlay Park these days can hardly miss the depressing degree of decay.

My Take: WIS salutes the Columbia Urban League

The Columbia Urban League celebrates 50 years of service to our community this week.

My Take: Kassy Alia has shined despite unimaginable grief

On Sept. 30, 2015, the Midlands lost a bright young officer with his full life ahead of him. Forest Acres Police Officer Greg Alia was gunned down by Jarvis Hall in Richland Mall seemingly without rhyme or reason. We quickly learned Greg left behind a wife, Kassy, and a 6-month-old son, Sal. Despite her unimaginable grief, the Midlands looked to Kassy to help all of us understand a completely preventable tragedy.

My Take: Get an infrastructure deal done!

It appears that the gas tax proposal in the state legislature is at a critical mass. As expected, the House and Senate cannot agree on which version of a projected bill to finally fix South Carolina's deteriorating roads.

My Take: Viewers displeased with lack of roads bill action

Last week's My Take on the potential of yet another legislative session ending without a resolution on repairing our state's deplorable roads, has generated more viewer responses than any other commentary to date. The viewers' obvious displeasure with our leaders to pass a gas tax increase is apparent. We thought we would share your comments.

My Take: South Carolina gas tax

Let's face it, our state has gone through massive growth in the last 30 years, and our infrastructure has not kept pace. We also think it is fair to say that South Carolinians are united in their demand for good, safe roads and bridges.

My Take: Congratulations Gamecocks!

Our South Carolina Gamecocks are national champions!  Doesn't that sound great?!

My Take: Legislators need to pass a roads bill

Tell me if you've heard this one before: State legislators may go another year without addressing road and infrastructure needs.

My Take: Congratulations, Gamecocks!

The South Carolina Men's Basketball team shocked the college basketball world on Sunday night with its huge upset in the NCAA Men's basketball tournament over second-seeded Duke University.

Guest Editorial: SC roads need repair

Our forefathers took bold actions and made much needed sacrifices to give us a great state to live in. Let's not bequeath a second rate version of it to our children and grandchildren.

My Take: We salute USC's men's and women's basketball teams!

March Madness is once again upon us.  This year, there is a real reason to celebrate in in South Carolina as both the Men's and Women's basketball teams from USC will be participants in arguably the most acclaimed college sports tournament in the country!  The WIS Editorial board salutes Coach Dawn Staley and Coach Frank Martin's teams for the amazing seasons both teams have had in 2016-17.  The state of South Carolina is on the national collegiate ...

My Take: Kudos to the Columbia Chamber of Commerce

Give credit to Columbia Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Carl Blackstone for creating a visionary strategic foresight planning group to shape Columbia's future business, economic and development for the next decade.

My Take: Don't let this session end without infrastructure funding

This week, the South Carolina House of Representatives, for the third consecutive year, passed an infrastructure bill that would provide hundreds of millions of dollars each year to fix our state's deplorable roads and bridges. By an overwhelming vote of 97-18, the Republican-controlled House gave its okay to raising the state's gas tax by 10 cents gradually over the next five years. The bill now heads to the Senate where, in 2016, your elected senators failed to pass an...

My Take: SC firefighters, we should be thanking you!

WIS has been selected for the statewide South Carolina Firefighter's Association Media Award for 2017.

My Take: It's time to do something about our roads

Governor McMaster, the WIS editorial board applauds your $5 billion request to President Trump for improvements to South Carolina's infrastructure. Should that funding actually make it to the Palmetto State, it'll just be another band aid. The State Department of Transportation says it needs more than $1 billion annually to properly fix South Carolina's roads. What the state really needs is a recurring funding mechanism.

Farewell Gov. Nikki Haley

This week we are saying farewell to one of South Carolina’s most historic leaders in recent memory- Nikki Haley. Tuesday night, Haley officially resigned as the 116th governor of South Carolina, passing the baton to Henry McMaster. When she took office in 2011, she made history by becoming the first woman and minority to lead South Carolina. From the Palmetto State to the Big Apple, she now heads to New York to become the US ambassador to the United Nations. It’s a pos...

My Take: Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States

Donald Trump has been sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

My Take: Mr. McMaster, please leave a mark on SC in the form of a modernized infrastructure

I may sound like a broken record here… But it is time to fix our roads.

My Take: We are in the season of giving

We are in the season of giving. The holidays mean spending time with our families and friends and helping others. And there's no shortage of charities out there.

My Take: Slager mistrial does not remove either side's chance to prevail

An old legal maxim says justice delayed is justice denied. In other words---denied when the opportunity for justice does not arrive in a timely way.

My Take: Fix the water department

These days, it sure seems a dollar is becoming harder to come by. Prices for staples like groceries and clothes seem to be going up weekly. Power companies are consistently asking for permission to raise rates. Water rates have even gone up recently. We can mostly understand why all of those increases are necessary.

My Take: Reach out to a veteran and say thanks

This week our nation will commemorate and honor America's military veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good. Veterans Day –originally Armistice Day and created in recognition of the ending of hostilities in World War I –
is an annual anniversary with thanksgiving, prayer and events designed to perpetuate peace through good will and mutual understanding between nations.

My Take: It's time to unite as a nation

Votes have been cast and "Decision 2016" is at an end. It was a long, often grinding campaign filled with intense rhetoric and intense emotion. Donald Trump has emerged as President-elect with a victory in the electoral college. We knew going in that no matter which candidate came out on top, half of the electorate would be ecstatic and the other half would be in despair. That is the very nature of politics.

My Take: WIS has launched a new set

Over the past few days, you have probably noticed some exciting changes at WIS. We have just debuted a new set that promises to give you a more appealing viewing experience.

My Take Guest Editorial: Corporate Social Responsibility

In celebrating the 49th year of the Columbia Urban League and the 2016 Annual Fund Campaign and Equal Opportunity Day Dinner, our theme focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as an economic imperative which benefits society by enhancing a community's quality of life.  Corporate Social Responsibility represents a vision along with an investment strategy that extends beyond shareholders and investors to all aspects of society.