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Midlands girl gets a haircut for a cause, organizes drive

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COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Getting a haircut seems like a simple task, but it can also be something to help others. 
Several groups such as Locks for Love collect hair to make wigs for cancer patients, and Saturday a young lady's efforts to help paid off.

"It was pretty easy, you just have to grow your hair and cut it," says Sarah Brotman.

Brotman doesn't mind doing what it takes to get the job done. And if it means getting a haircut, sign her up.

"You need 8 inches to donate for adults and 12 to donate for children," she says.

Sarah helped organized a drive for Wigs for Kids and Pantene Beautiful Lengths, other groups which collect hair for wigs for people battling cancer. It was for her bat mitzvah project, a way to help the community.

"I've lost some good friends to cancer and I just think its good to honor them in any way I can," says Brotman.

Sarah's drive brought out Julie Morris to get a makeover and help the cause.

"I always wanted to donate my hair for Locks of Love, but I never felt it was long enough, so I've had it grown out for a year now," says Morris.

Julie has a friend diagnosed with breast cancer, so a few inches of hair is the least she can do.
"Of course in these difficult economic times money is a much harder thing to donate, so something as easy as giving hair, which mine grows very quickly, is something to make a big difference," says Morris.

If you have long hair and would like to help out Locks of Love, you can actually mail them your hair. For more information, click here. You can also find out more about Wigs for Kids and Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

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