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Liquidation sales don't always mean lowest prices

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COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - In today's struggling economy, it's hard to know when you're getting a good deal.
And with some national chains closing their doors, you may think you'll save big.

But is that always the case?

You've seen them on the streets, and you've seen the big signs. Circuit City is having a going out of business sale, and customers couldn't resist.
They were lined up even before the store opened.

"Honestly this is like the third time we've been here. I was looking for an MP3 player and they were cheaper at Wal-Mart then they were here," says Heather Sams.

Sams says items were cheaper somewhere else even after 25, 30 and even 50 percent markdowns. We did some investigating.
We found a 22-inch LCD by Samsung. Circuit City marked it 25 percent off, pricing it at $359.99. Best Buy had it at full price for $336.99.

"It's like they are marking things up and then taking the discounts off at that point," says Sams.

And people were spending big money, like a purchase on a 52-inch Sony LCD TV. Circuit City had it for $1,649.99, only $50 cheaper than at Best Buy.

"Even with the clearance it's still more expensive than you can find on eBay or dell-dot-com or anything," says Sams.

She brings up a good point, that you are not just limited to the stores. You can always shop online on sites like craigslist or eBay.

"Well you think it's a great deal, then when you look into it, it's not really a great deal after all," says Butch Barnhart.

But some customers were happy. Richard Rice bought a Lexmark printer for $76.99.

"I think I got 40% off it, so I'd say that's a pretty good deal," says Rice.

A similar printer at Best Buy was priced for $99.99.

We asked what the best deal at Circuit City was, and were handed a Monster cable that will give your TV better high definition. They were 50 percent off, with a six-meter cable going for $82.50.
Circuit City also beat Best Buy when we looked at a GPS system. At 40 percent off it was $119.99, and Best Buy had it for 30 dollars more.

The bottom line is to just make sure you shop around before you buy.

Reported by Jackie Faye

Updated by Logan Smith

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